My name is Serenity Littlefield and aside from founding Zoom Dog Photography, I'm proud to be owned by several Australian Cattle Dogs and one Labrador Retriever. For nearly twenty years I showed dogs (mostly Australian Cattle Dogs) throughout the United States.  I have been involved with the Australian Cattle Dog community for almost as long and still am today.

Photography had been a passion of mine for many years, but the more invested I became into showing dogs, photography was forced to take a back seat, much to my dismay.

Now that I am less active in the show ring for the past 5 years, this has afforded me the opportunity to pick up my camera again and perfect my photography skills. As this time went by, the saddest day of my life happened.  My heart and soul dog, Zoom, was diagnosed with a horrible liver tumor that had spread to other organs and I wasn't given much time left with him.  During the short time I had with him I had my great photographer friend, Dru Harper, meet up with us and get some photos of him.  This is when I really realized how important it is to preserve those memories of our special pets.  I miss him everyday but I'm glad that I'm able to look back and know that I've got wonderful photos of him.  

I'm also involved helping rescues get that beautiful capture needed to help get their rescues adopted, with Texas Cattle Dog Rescue being at the front. I volunteer my services by holding fund raising events and photographing the sweet dogs that have been left behind for one reason or another. Capturing their loving and thankful expression tugs at my heart and I enjoy being able to help photograph these dogs to help get them adopted.

Zoom Dog Photography specializes in outdoor, natural, action or portrait settings. Zoom Dog comes to you. If you're like me, I prefer my devoted companion(s) to be represented in an authentic setting. Doing what they love to do. Running, playing, jumping, romping, retrieving or just kicked back with a bone at their side. Being themselves!